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Layer Parquet


LAYER  PARQUET- this type of parquet combines features of classical parquet like: durability and naturalness and also the advantages of panels, which are quick to install.
Parquet contains of two coverings: the lower one is made of pine or birch and outer one consist of other sorts of deciduous trees. The most popular dimensions:
- thickness: 10,5/11/13/14mm,
-width: 70/120/145/150mm,
-length: 490/1000/1200/1250mm.
The usable covering depends on thickness; it can be 3,7mm or 5,6mm.

Parquet which we offered is available in various version of accomplishment. It is:

  • Oiling

  • Lacquered

  • Raw, unmachined

Layer parquet is produced in folowing measurements:

  • 11x120x1000mm

  • 11x120x1000mm

  • 13x120x1000mm

  • 13x120x1200mm

  • 10,5x70x490mm

  • 11x70x490mm

  • 13x70x490mm

  • 14x70x490mm

  • medioline (10,5x70x490mm)

  • maxistab (14x145x1250mm, 14x150x1250mm)

We offer this kind of parquet in following types of wood

  • Oak

  • Steamed oak

  • American walnut

  • Smoked oak

  • Steamed beech

  • Red oak

  • Ash

  • European maple

  • Wenge/Panga Panga

  • Steamed acacia

  • Thermo oak

  • Thermo ash

  • Black cherry

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